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The Gower Family

Adoption has been on our hearts since before we were married.  We have a deep love for children.  Serving as missionaries in several countries, we have seen the devastating effects of broken families and have a strong desire to minister to orphaned and abandoned children.  Over the years, God has led us to work very hands-on with orphaned and abandoned children.  We have spent the past 14 years working with children and families in the Dominican Republic, most recently serving at an orphanage.

We have been blessed with two biological sons and have always desired to have more children. Adopting a child has been part of our daily prayers for years! Previously we could not see how adopting as expats would work, but God opened doors for us through a conference we attended.  At the end of April 2019, we traveled to China, and in May, we officially welcomed our daughter into our family! While still in China, we felt in our hearts that this would not be our only adoption. The Lord confirmed the importance of being a family who could provide a home where a child could grow up knowing Him. We also wanted our daughter to have a sibling closer to her in age, with whom she could relate.

Several months ago, we received a file on an eight-year-old girl, whose adoption had been interrupted. Her age was a bit outside of our ideal age range, and we were nervous about adopting an older child. However, after much prayer, we have such peace about her joining our family. She is a child like any other that needs a loving mom and dad, and who, more importantly, needs to know the love of Christ. Although we have not yet met, we feel she is already part of the family. We are anxiously awaiting the day that we can bring home our daughter-to-be.

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