• Rebecca Thorpe

The Story of OWAI

Updated: Feb 18

In September of 2015 we were in China adopting our daughter June. While there we got word of an orphanage in Tanzania that needed leaders to manage it. We felt God calling us to go. Our good friends (the pastor of our church and his wife) also felt called to go. They left immediately and we made plans to join them in four years.

Fast forward three years to August 2018. As we were preparing to return to China to adopt our 2nd daughter, Lucy, we received a message from our friends that due to geo-political reasons, they had to abruptly leave the country. We were disheartened and grieved that we would not have the opportunity to serve at the orphanage. God had closed that door, which was a struggle to accept as we were in the final year before we would go. Our opportunity to work in Tanzania had changed, but our heart for orphans and adoption hadn't. He was clearly redirecting us and we needed faith to wait on Him.

During our involvement with the orphanage in Tanzania, we learned how to start and run a 501(c)3. With that knowledge, and our continued heart to serve orphans worldwide, God opened a window of opportunity and directed us to start Open Window Adoption Inc (OWAI). Due to the high cost of adoption, many families who wish to adopt feel like the door is shut to them. OWAI’s mission is to partner with those families by providing financial grants to help alleviate the financial burden, opening the window to adoption.

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